Formations Ltd

This portfolio example illustrates our ongoing Marketing Program with Formations Industrial Building Supplies. We’ve been working alongside Formations’ leadership team acting as their marketing department while also walking them through a rebrand and a new website build.


Formations Inc is a privately-owned wholesale distribution company of non-structural wood products and accessories to the woodworking community. Their Head Office is located in Edmonton, AB with additional branches in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. Formations has been proudly servicing its customers across Western Canada for over 30 years.


While growth is usually a good thing, a business like Formations can experience growing pains. Managing growth is often difficult, businesses sometimes struggle to keep up with demand. Teaming up with Crow gave Formations the confidence to continue on their growth trajectory. By joining forces with Crow, Formations was able to add a team of highly trained marketing professionals to supplement their existing team. It can be difficult if not impossible to hire and train a team overnight, but outsourcing gave Formations instant access to the growth support they needed.

Crow works alongside Formations’ Leadership Team to develop annual marketing strategies, brand audits and management across all branches and equipment, digital and social strategy and execution, advertising, sponsorships, trade shows, proposals, promotional items, and more!


  1. Harnessing the power of print and digital advertising, married with quality creative and design, we have driven leads for Formations through strategic industry channels including social media, magazines, newsletters, sales sheets, and more!
  2. Formations currently has an old, outdated, far from mobile-friendly website. Partnering with YEG DIGITAL, we are currently working alongside Formations to build an industry-leading website with a focus on speed, mobile friendliness, customer experience, SEO, and lead generation. We can’t wait to launch their new site in early 2022! Stay tuned!
  3. Crow also assists Formations with a variety of marketing initiatives across their 5 Canadian branches from branded promotional items, trade show and sponsorship coordination, graphic design, marketing strategy, competitor research, content creation, and so much more!


Coming soon!

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Outsourced marketing can deliver significant efficiency gains for local companies large and small. It can keep fixed costs low, increase the speed at which marketing results are delivered, keep internal marketing resources focused on high level activities, and help position your company against competitors.