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It's Time For A New Direction

Marketing That Matters

Learn how to find efficiencies, strategically target ready-to-buy customers, and grow revenue with an award-winning marketing consultant and fractional CMO.

Are you stressed about business growth?

It feels like you’ve tried everything. Brought on marketing coordinators and freelances, built a new website, wrote blog posts, even hired cheap SEO folks who promised you’d rank #1 on Google…

Your business still isn’t growing as it should be. So you try the marketing agency thing and get burned. More than once. It’s really stressful, right? I’ve been there.

You Struggle to Grow

Your business struggles to get new leads and sales consistently.

You're Getting Low ROI

You’ve spent so much on marketing, but aren’t seeing a good ROI.

Agencies Have Burned You

You’ve hired marketing agencies in the past, but they didn’t deliver.

“Zach provided much need guidance and a level of expertise which was next to none. He answered our questions in a timely fashion and was able to provide insight which we would have overlooked.”

Food & Beverage Industry

It's Time for a New Direction

I founded Crow to help businesses just like yours navigate modern day marketing. From one-time projects to longer-term consulting, I will work with you every step of the way, so together we can achieve your business goals, drive growth, and avoid common missteps.

You’ll be at ease knowing you’re in the hands of a trusted, award-winning, transparent marketing professional who has your back and delivers real results.

You're in Good Company

"Zach was referred to us by a colleague who has used Crow on two previous occasions, with great success. What impressed me the most were the questions that Zach asked about our business. He was specific, insightful, and extremely relevant. Especially with the uniqueness of what we do. I was very impressed. From that day forward, it has been a great relationship. His work is exceptional."

Financial Industry

Industry Recognition

Marketing Consultant FAQs

I’ve been lucky to work with a variety of business sizes across countless industries including transportation, oil and gas, beauty, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, sports, commercial construction, cannabis, arts, aviation, home construction, post secondary, upholstery, not for profit, food and beverage, and more! My approach has always been to dive deep into both your industry’s unique dynamics, and your business’s unique competitive advantages to create tailored strategies that align with your goals.

Check out my portfolio of campaigns and marketing initiatives I’ve managed. They range from small-scale local projects to larger, more comprehensive initiatives, each with its unique challenges and successes.

Success is measured not just in sales but in engagement, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. I use a mix of analytics tools and feedback to gauge the effectiveness of our strategies and measure those against goals that we’ve identified together.

I begin by learning everything about your brand – Its values, mission, voice, vision, and reputation. This understanding is crucial to ensure that all marketing efforts feel authentic to your business and its customers.

I attend many industry seminars and events both locally and nationally, keeping up with market research, and adapting to new digital marketing tools and techniques. I’m also involved with NAIT’s School of Business to both share knowledge with students and keep my finger on the pulse of emerging trends in the marketing field.

Regular updates are key. I prefer setting up weekly or bi-weekly “check-ins” to discuss progress and make necessary adjustments. Plus, I’m always available for any urgent needs or questions as they arise.

Effective marketing doesn’t always mean big spending. I focus on maximizing the impact of your budget by finding efficiencies and identifying cost-effective strategies that deliver real results.

As with any business, flexibility is vital. If we hit a roadblock, I analyze the situation, adjust the strategy, and keep the project moving forward without losing sight of our goals.

Every business is unique. My approach involves customizing strategies that align with your specific business goals, target audience, and brand identity. Here, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Each project, campaign, and initiative is unique to you and your business.

Real impact takes time, but for longer term campaigns, you should start seeing initial results within the first few months. The key is continuous optimization and adaptation to ensure ongoing success. For one-time projects, results are typically immediate.

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