Helping purpose-driven brands evolve.

Crow's mission is to deliver consistent results, engage in innovative ideas, and be a reliable partner throughout the marketing journey and beyond.

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Experience. Strategy. Execution.

We’re a team of creative, experienced problem-solvers who have been driving results for leading Canadian brands. As consultants and minds coming in from outside of your company, we’re able to offer a unique perspective and approach to challenges.

We don’t just advise. We lead. We teach. We win together.

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Not your average cookie cutter “marketing agency”. We have been able to tap into new markets and grow our client base with the help of The Crow Creative. Zach and his team bring new ideas to the table with measured results, efficient timelines and full transparency which is important to us. Would not hesitate to recommend any of our clients to Zach and the team!

Aaron Best


How We Can Help.

Working with fellow business owners and subject matter consultants gives you direct access to a team of experts who not only live and breathe marketing, but understand the complexity of running a business in our current environment.

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We had the opportunity to work with Zach and The Crow Creative for the relaunch of our website. Zach provided much need guidance and a level of expertise which was next to none. He answered our questions in a timely fashion and was able to provide insight which we would have overlooked. I would highly recommend The Crow Creative! I look forward to building our relationship and working with Zach and his team in the future.

Keith Oliveri



Creating a brand identity that reflects your business is one of the most important jobs you’ll do at the very beginning of your business, but branding isn’t a static thing that you set up once and then ignore for the rest of your time in business.

Just as your business benefits from continuous learning and improvement over the years, it will also benefit from brand evolution and, just as you schedule in time to look at your processes and procedures regularly, it’s a good idea to plan in time to revisit your branding on a regular basis and see if it’s still reflecting your company and how you want it to be perceived.

Many businesses start off providing one type of service or product, but they don’t necessarily stay that way. They grow and adapt. They add more services, change their business model, decide that perhaps the audience they were once aiming for isn’t who they want to target now. There are many reasons for this, from the owners simply finding that they enjoy providing one service over another and want to focus on that, to economic reasons where it’s obvious that product B is actually far more successful than product A.

Just as your business grows and evolves, so to must your branding, or you could find yourself in a position where your brand identity no longer fits what you do or speaks to your ideal target market.

Far more than just your business can change, though. The industry you are in could change too, or your customers may have come to expect something else from you. Perhaps social change is a factor, or maybe fashion or culture, in that your brand now seems old-fashioned rather than up to the minute and cutting edge like it once was. Technological advances may have had an impact both on what you do and how you are perceived and it’s important to look at if your branding is still relevant – to you and to your audience.


Technological and social changes aren’t instantaneous, and nor is the evolution of your business. Both take time and creep in gradually, until you look back ten years or more and realise just how much has changed. If you’re not regularly looking at your branding to ensure it’s as up to date and highly reflective of you as it ever was, you could find that your company no longer appeals as much to your audience, and that they’ve turned to competitors who have adapted their brand and kept up with the pace of change.

heather maccallum headshot

I work with The Crow Creative through NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul. Zach is always very responsive to in bound requests, very helpful coming up with creative solutions, and accountable to deadlines that he sets. I would recommend his services to people looking for a way to flexibly add a talent to your team from a marketing perspective.

Heather MacCallum



Since 2019, The Crow Creative has pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of Canada’s wetlands.

At Crow, we understand the importance of protecting our natural Canadian environment. We understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health. By contributing 1% of sales to DUCS, we can affect real change.

There are other benefits as well: the satisfaction of paving the way for more CSR in the business community and the recognition, support and business of conscientious consumers who value commitment to the environment.

Join us in conserving water, wetlands, and wildlife for the generations of tomorrow.