Boston Pizza & JPL

THE MISSION: The project itself was to create a video to be shown at the 30th Anniversary Boston Pizza Charity Classic Golf Tournament held at Canada’s #1 Golf Resort; Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The video was shown just before the live auction, hosted by Danny Hooper, to both educate and create an emotional/impactful reaction with the audience  which would ultimately lead to more money raised for the causes supported by the golf tournament – YESS, Edmonton Minor Hockey, Dreams Take Flight, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.


  • People had to contribute from across the country and weren’t able to have us video them in person.
  • We weren’t given access to the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course they were playing at and instead had to film at an Edmonton golf course and edit in Jasper footage to make it all look like it was all shot in the mountains
  • 3 weeks before the event, the Jasper wildfires hit putting the event, the video, and the fundraising at risk

THE RESULTS: We delivered the video on time and under budget! The money saved coming in under budget was contributed back to the charities involved! We also created a second video at no additional cost to celebrate the chair of the committee retiring from his position after 30 years. The primary video (shown below) helped to generate over $213,000 in ONE evening!

THE CLIENT: We received a personal thank you message from Jim Treliving, the owner and founder of Boston Pizza and former Dragon on Dragon’s Den (photo below) saying how without the video, we wouldn’t have come close to achieving the same level of fundraising.

YouTube video

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