Cena Life

THE MISSION: To affordably and efficiently build a new brand for Cena Life that potential customers, patients, and investors will recognize when making decisions. To build a brand that converts one-time buyers/visitors into loyal, repeat customers. To build a brand that helps Cena Life stand out from its competitors, boost its market position, raise revenue and show well across all platforms – digitally and traditionally.

To build a website leveraging technology and best practices to inform the public, investors, and potential partners of this new organization. To build a site that drives leads through the contact form, is search engine friendly, is easy for their team to update, and responsive to whatever kind of device users are viewing it on.

THE RESULTS: The website result is a fast, customer experience-focused website that is informative, educational, media-rich, drives leads, and gives instant credibility to potential investors, partners, or patients. This project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget for the client.

The brand result is a Cena Life brand that is both earthy and natural. Clean, rounded type is paired with an abstracted illustration of mushroom gills that also echo sun rays — a common symbol of nature and positive energy.

THE CLIENT: “As a new business owner, I wasn’t sure where to start with the development of my brand, logo and website. After meeting Zach and his team, I knew that I was in great hands. We collaborated to bring my vision to life and his professionalism, expertise and knowledge never disappointed. The Crow creative offers excellent value for high quality products. I highly recommend their team and look forward to continuing to work with them as my business grows!”


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