Unleashed Dog Co.

THE MISSION: As a new startup dog training business, Unleashed Dog Co. approached Crow to deliver a new brand and website. They wanted the brand to be playful and fun, but also clean and professional. They also understood the importance of a media-rich website, especially in the world of pets and wanted specific functionality to cut down administrative tasks so they could focus on their mission of helping families with their dogs.

THE RESULTS: The website result is a fast, customer experience-focused website that is informative, educational, media-rich, and drives leads. The biggest advantage to this website on the business owner side is the custom Client Intake Form. Before this website, Unleashed staff would send out a PDF, new clients would print and fill it out, scan and send back to Unleashed. Not only was this a bulky, time-consuming process, but much of the time the handwriting wasn’t legible and they’d have to spend additional time following up with clients to confirm information. Their new Intake Form quickly and conveniently allows users to answer a number of questions that are then emailed directly to Unleashed for use in their initial consultation meeting. This feature alone has saved Unleashed approximately 5 hours weekly of necessary paperwork, emails, and phone calls. That’s over 185 hours annually of saved time or 7.7 days!

THE CLIENT: “Our website has been a game changer, literally saving us hours and hours of work when leads are submitted thanks to the custom client intake form developed by Zach and Paul. I can now focus on helping clients with their dogs and am no longer drowning in paperwork and file folders. Additionally, our logo seems to really resonates with our clients. We hand out yeti mugs, business cards, and other promotional materials and not only do our clients always give us positive feedback, but I’m always impressed with how flexible our logo is across various applications from promo to online. Love working with these guys, they know their stuff!”


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