THE MISSION: CRYSCLAIM approached Crow all the way from Toronto to professionally develop a brand, rebrand their social media, and build an e-commerce website that would drive sales around the clock. CRYSCLAIM had built a significant following on Instagram selling crystals during a weekly live show, but wanted to grow the business and sell products everyday of the week, the solution – an e-commerce website that’s media-rich, simple to navigate, easy to check out, and is seamless for the CRYSCLAIM team to manage inventory and process payments.

THE RESULTS: Working alongside CRYSCLAIM, we delivered an e-commerce website that’s media-rich, simple to navigate, easy to check out, and is seamless for the CRYSCLAIM team to manage inventory and process payments behind the scenes. Digging deeper into their business and understanding more of their pain points, we were able to add additional website functionality to grow their business further and reduce pain points including the addition of AfterPay (allows users to buy now and pay in four instalments over 6 weeks, with no interest), adding coupon functionality so they could send out discount codes to drive further sales, and a log-in portal for clients to check the status of their orders.

Their new brand is bold and classy, targeting a higher-end client in the crystal specimen market. One of the biggest advantages of text based logos is that they give a business immediate recognition, especially to new social followers and website visitors. Compared to the other forms of logos, text based logos are easy to remember. When a simple logo design is utilized, it allows clients to quickly associate it with the positive experiences they’ve had with the company. A simple logo is easier to publish across various channels, from social media to promotional gifts and everything in-between. It is also easier to enlarge or shrink the text image without losing quality. This will help to keep the look of the logo consistent as it used across various channels and applications. Consistency is essential to building a strong brand.

THE CLIENT: This company is amazing! They take care of every business need when it comes to marketing and go above and beyond for customers. Not only are they professional, they are exemplary with ad creation and marketing materials. I am very happy with their service, it has been worth every penny.”

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