Horizon Mind Care

THE MISSION: To affordably build a new and memorable brand for Horizon Mind Care that immediately differentiates them from their competitors both locally and nationally. To build a brand that would translate well across all applications from digital and traditional applications, through to branded promotional items. To design a brand that draws interest and piques the curiosity of potential patients, prompting them to at least look, learn more about the technology, and hopefully convert into a patient.

THE RESULTS: The Horizon Mind Care logo is geometric and bold with solid, blocky brand elements. A bold logo design that is simple and easily recognized makes a powerful statement because a target audience will remember a brand’s message. Bold logos involve simplistic fonts, bold contrasting colors like black, blue, or red, square shapes, and avoiding the use of any cursive fonts or embellishments.

THE CLIENT: “Zach and his crew are amazing! They have a freshness and creativity that is unmatched. I have referred them many satisfied customers. I Highly recommend checking them out if you need cutting-edge marketing at a reasonable price.”

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